John C. Frye Memorial Award

The Award is given each year to a nominated environmental geology publication published in the current year or one of the three preceding calendar years either by GSA or by a state geological survey. A shared $1000 prize and a certificate to each author is presented at the AASG Mid-Year meeting, held Tuesday morning at the GSA annual meeting.

Nominations Guidelines

Nominations should identify a geologically based environmental issue, provide sound and substantive information pertinent to the problem, relate geology to the issue, and present information directly usable by geologists, other professionals such as land-use planners and engineers, and ideally also by informed laypersons.

To nominate a publication, please submit a letter describing its importance, with up to three letters from users of the publication, by March 31, along with three copies of the publication, or a digital link, if available, to:

Program Officer - Grants, Awards, and Recognition, Geological Society of America, PO Box 9140, Boulder, CO, 80301-9140, (303) 357-1028,

Selection Procedure

A joint AASG-GSA committee will evaluate the nominated publications, make a selection in April, and the winner will be announced in GSA Today. Nominations are carried over for as long as the publication is eligible.

  • 2023 - New Mexico Geological Survey Bulletin 164 — Climate Change in New Mexico Over the Next 50 Years: Impacts on Water Resources, by Editors & Contributing Authors Nelia W. Dunbar, David S. Gutzler, Kristin S. Pearthree, Fred M. Phillips, and Paul W. Bauer, and Contributing Authors Craig D. Allen, David DuBois, Michael D. Harvey, J. Phillip King, Leslie D. McFadden, Bruce M. Thomson, and Anne C. Tillery
  • 2022 - A. C. Fehling, and D. J. Hart, 2021, Potential Effects of Climate Change on Stream Temperature in the Marengo River Headwaters, Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey Bulletin 115, 74 p.
  • 2021 - New Mexico: Rawling, G.C. and Rinehart, A.J., 2018, Lifetime projections for the High Plains Aquifer in east-central New Mexico
  • 2020 - Missouri: James W. Duley and Cecil Boswell, Revised Recharge Areas of Selected Large Springs in the Big Four Region of the Ozarks
  • 2019 - Delaware Sea-Level Rise Technical Committee, Recommendations of Sea-Level Rise Planning Scenarios for Delaware, Technical Report, 117 p.
  • 2018 - Geological CO2 Sequestration Atlas of Miocene Strata, Offshore Texas State Waters
  • 2017 - The West Salt Creek Landslide: A Catastrophic Rockslide and Rock/Debris Avalanche in Mesa County, Colorado, 2015, by Jonathan L. White, Matthew L. Morgan, and Karen A. Berry, Colorado Geological Survey Bulletin 55, 57 p.
  • 2016 - Peggy S. Johnson, Dan J. Koning, Stacy S. Timmons, and Brigitte Felix, 2016, Geology and Hydrology of Groundwater-fed Springs and Wetlands at La Cienega, Santa Fe County, New Mexico: New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources Bulletin 161, 92p.
  • 2015 - Investigation of Land Subsidence and Earth Fissures in Cedar Valley, Iron County, Utah, Special Study 150, Utah Geological Survey, 2014, Tyler Knudsen, Paul Inkenbrandt, William Lund, Mike Lowe, and Steve Bowman, authors
  • 2014 - The Groundwater Atlas of Nebraska; Resource Atlas No. 4b/2013; Third (revised) edition; by Jesse T. Korus, Leslie M. Howard, Aaron R. Young, Dana P. Divine, Mark E. Burbach, J. Michael Jess, and Douglas R. Hallum with contributions from R.F. Diffendal, Jr
  • 2013 - Elizabeth Meredith, John Wheaton, and Shawn Kuzara, 2012, Coalbed Methane Basics: Ten years of lessons from the Powder River Basin, Montana, Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, Information Pamphlet 6
  • 2012 - John T. Neubert, Jeffrey P. Kurtz, Dana J. Bove, and Matthew A. Sares, 2011, Natural Acid Rock Drainage Associated with Hydrothermally Altered Terrane in Colorado, Colorado Geological Survey Bulletin 54
  • 2011 - J. Cook, A. Youberg, P. Pearthree, J. Onken, B. MacFarlane, D. Haddad, E. Bigio, and A. Kowler, 2009, Mapping of Holocene River Alluvium along the San Pedro River, Southeastern Arizona, Arizona Geological Survey
  • 2010 - William R. Lund, Tyler R. Knudsen, Garrett S. Vice, and Lucas M. Shaw - Geologic hazards and adverse construction conditions, St. George-Hurricane Metropolitan Area, Washington County, Utah; Utah Geological Survey Special Study 127
  • 2009 - Jonathan L. White and Celia Greenman
  • 2008 - Daniel I. Carey
  • 2007 - David K. Brezinski
  • 2006 - Ralf Topper, Karen L. Spray, William H. Bellis, Judith L. Hamilton, and Peter E. Barkmann
  • 2005 - Carol L. Ruthven, John D. Kiefer, Stephen F. Greb, and William M. Andrews, Jr.  
  • 2004 - Raymond C. Harris and Philip A. Pearthree
  • 2003 - Ron Churchill, Chris Higgins, and Bob Hill,
  • 2002 - Peggy S. Johnson,
  • 2001 - Julie A. LeFever, John P. Bluemle, Ryan P. Waldkirch
  • 2000 - Helen L. Delano and Peter J. Wilshusen
  • 1999 - Ed Lane and Frank Rupert
  • 1998 - David C. Noe, Candace L. Jochim, William P. Rogers
  • 1997 - Micheal J. Chrzastowski, Myra M. Killey, Robert A. Bauer, Paul B. DelMontelle, Anne L. Erdmann, Beverly L. Herzog, John M. Masters, and Lisa R. Smith,
  • 1996 - Steven Slaff
  • 1995 - Mike Lowe, Bill D. Black, Kimm M. Harty, Jeffrey R. Keaton, William E. Mulvey, E. Fred Pashley, Jr., and Scott R. Williams,
  • 1994 - Ronald W. Hoenstine and Ed Lane
  • 1993 - Robert F. Walters
  • 1992 - Edwin J. Hartke and Henry H. Gray
  • 1991 - Richard C. Berg, H. Allen Wehnnann, and John M. Shafer
  • 1990 - Linda L. Noson, Anthony Qamar, and Gerald W. Thorsen