Charles J. Mankin Memorial Award

The Award is given each year to a nominated geological map, compilation, or report on regional, energy, or mineral resource geology published in the current year or one of the three preceding calendar years by a state geological survey. A shared $1000 prize and a certificate to each author is presented at the AASG Mid-Year meeting, held Tuesday morning at the GSA annual meeting.

Nominations Guidelines

Nominated publications should be a geological map or a report that elegantly, thoroughly, and innovatively provides sound and influential information on regional geology, or an energy or mineral resource topic. Resource reports should inform and empower geologists, resource managers, and ideally also informed laypersons. Primary authorship must consist of Survey staff. The committee will assess uniqueness, significance as a model, and overall worthiness. To nominate a report, please submit a letter describing its importance, with up to three letters from users of the publication, by March 31, along with three copies of the publication, or a digital link, if available, to the AASG Past President.

Selection Procedure

A committee will evaluate the nominated publications, and the award will be presented at GSA. Nominations are carried over for as long as the publication is eligible.

  • 2023 - Stephen C. Ruppel, editor, Texas Bureau of Economic Geology, Anatomy of a Paleozoic Basin: The Permian Basin, USA, two volumes.
  • 2022 - Susan Pool, Ray Boswell, John Saucer and B.J. Carney, West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey Report of Investigation 36: Estimates of Natural Gas Resources and Recovery Efficiency Associated with Marcellus Development in West Virginia.
  • 2021 - Lichtner, D.T., Toner, R.N., Wrage, J.M., and Lynds, R.M., Upper Cretaceous strata in the Powder River Basin—Formation tops database, structure and thickness contour maps, and associated well data
  • 2020 - C. Robin Mattheus, Kelvin W. Ramsey and Jamie L. Tomlinson, The Geologic Map of Offshore Delaware
  • 2019 - Bedrock Geology of Bartholomew County, Indiana, by W. A. Hasenmueller and R. F. Rupp
  • 2018 - Energy and Mineral Resources of New Mexico, edited by Virginia McLemore, Stacy Timmons, and Maureen Wilkes
  • 2017 - Hussey, Arthur M., II, Bothner, Wallace A., and Thompson, Peter J.
  • 2016 - Robert F. Biek, Peter D. Rowley, John J. Anderson, Florian Maldonado, David W. Moore, David B. Hacker, Jeffrey G. Eaton, Richard Hereford, Edward G. Sable, Harry F. Filkorn, and Basia Matyjasik
  • 2015 - Missouri Geological Survey, The Paleozoic Succession in Missouri, Part 1(Revised) – Cambrian System; J. G. Davis, K. R. Evans, V. E. Kurtz, J. F. Miller, P. S. Mulvany, J. R. Palmer, J. F. Repetski, and T. L. Thompson, authors; Patrick S. Mulvany an
  • 2014 - Wolfberry (Wolfcampian-Leonardian) Deep-Water Depositional Systems in the Midland Basin: Stratigraphy, Lithofacies, Reservoirs, and Source Rocks, by H. Scott Hamlin and Robert. W. Baumgardner; Texas Bureau of Economic Geology, Reports of Investigations RI
  • 2013 - Geologic Map of Idaho, 2012,  by Reed S. Lewis, Paul K. Link, Loudon R. Stanford, and Sean P. Long, Idaho Geological Survey Map # 9