The Awards Chair solicits nominations for and supports selection of the AASG Distinguished Service Award; ensures that nominations and donations are submitted to support annual presentation of the AGI Campbell Medal; supports annual presentation of the AASG Pick and Gavel Award; and also solicits nominations and supports selection of annual recipients for the Charles J. Mankin Memorial Award for state geological survey publications in regional, energy, or mineral resource geology, as well as the John C. Frye Memorial Award for publications in environmental geology issues such as water resources, engineering geology and hazards

Current Committee Members
Joe Gillman, Chair
Harvey Thorleifson, Former Participant
John G. Parrish, Former Participant
Jonathan D. Arthur, Former Participant
Past Committee Members
Jonathan D. Arthur, Chair ( to )
John G. Parrish, Chair ( to )
Harvey Thorleifson, Chair ( to )
Vicki McConnell, Chair ( to )
Jim Cobb, Chair ( to )
John H. Talley, Chair ( to )
Harvey Thorleifson, Chair ( to )
Donald C. Haney, Participant ( to )
Donald C. Haney, Participant ( to )
John H. Talley, Participant ( to )
John P Bluemle, Participant ( to )
L. Greer Price, Participant ( to )