Data Preservation


AASG standing committees maintain awareness and analysis of key topics; each year, a given committee may or may not be active, as priorities fluctuate, and as special projects arise; the Chair or Co-Chairs recruit committee members as needed


The Committee: seeks to optimize the state geological survey role in this topic; monitors policy developments; works with Congressional members and staff; supports development of AASG Congressional Testimony as required; monitors and provides input into Federal legislation and regulations; ensures that AASG is represented on related federal advisory committees; monitors and advocates for the federal role, including external grants; facilitates collaboration with federal agencies; collaborates with partners organizations such as NGOs; assists in development and implementation of AASG positions and initiatives; shares pertinent information with the AASG community; updates the AASG Position Statement; helps with AASG annual meeting program planning when asked; and reports to the annual meeting


The Data Preservation Chair supports the AASG role in the National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program, established under Section 351 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (Public Law 109-58, Sec. 351) to create a national cooperative network of geoscience materials and data repositories operated independently and guided by common standards, procedures, and protocols.

Current Committee Members
John Metesh, Chair
John C. Steinmetz, Former Participant
Past Committee Members
John C. Steinmetz, Chair ( to )