AASG Foundation

The AASG Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit that supports operational, educational, and research activities of the Association of American State Geologists (AASG), which has been effective in promoting geologic mapping, preserving geoscience information, and many other efforts of broad, national scope.

The AASG Foundation:

  • Promotes the importance of geosciences to society.
  • Promotes state geological surveys as sources of geoscience needed to address local, state, and national issues


  • President - David Spears
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Nick Tew
  • Trustee - David Wunsch
  • Trustee - James Cobb
  • Trustee - Tim Brittan

Contact Information

AASG Foundation
c/o David Spears - AASG Foundation President
Division of Geology and Mineral Resources
900 Natural Resources Drive, Suite 500
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

Phone: 434-951-6350
Email: david.spears@dmme.virginia.gov


The AASG Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Tax ID No. 20-8939615.

To support the activities of the AASG Foundation, donations may be made by a check made out to "AASG Foundation" and sent to:

AASG Foundation
c/o Nick Tew - AASG Foundation Secretary/Treasurer
State Geologist of Alabama/Oil and Gas Supervisor
Geological Survey of Alabama
State Oil and Gas Board of Alabama
P.O. Box 869999
Tuscaloosa, AL 35486-6999

Phone: 205-247-3679

Program Support

Advocate for increased support for Geologic Mapping

Up-to-date geologic maps are essential to societal issues such as water quality and quantity, energy and mineral resources, as well as geologic hazards analysis and remediation. The AASG Foundation is committed to doubling the funds available for geologic mapping through the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program; for more information, please see the AASG Fact Sheet titled "Geologic Mapping"

Generate support for Geologic Data Preservation

Issues related to energy and mineral resources, among others, rely heavily on the analysis of geological samples and geophysical data. Crucial collections are being lost due to inadequate funding of repositories. The National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program was established by Congress to address this need; for more information, please see the AASG Fact Sheet titled "Sample and Data Preservation"

Advocate for more detailed evaluation of the nation's water supplies

Availability of adequate domestic, agricultural, and industrial water supplies directly impacts the American economy and public health. A national effort among federal, state, local government, and private sector partners therefore is needed to assess the quality and availability of the nation's water resources; for more information, please see the AASG Fact Sheet titled Ground Water

Compile national databases of information on potential geothermal resources

Geothermal resources are important to our energy future. The state geological surveys have an ongoing role in compiling geothermal data.

Advocate for the development of a national energy policy

AASG supports development of a comprehensive energy plan for our nation that recognizes our current dependence on fossil fuels, promotes the application of advanced technologies to our domestic fossil fuel resources, and advances research in alternative and renewable energy sources, for a sustainable energy future; for more information, please see the AASG Fact Sheet titled "Energy"

Support efforts for national LiDAR and mapping programs

AASG advocates collection of accurate elevation data as an important component of a national digital basemap. LiDAR is a cost-effective technique for acquiring these data needed for broad applications, including hazard mapping, coastal erosion analysis, floodplain mapping, transportation planning, resource assessments, and many more.