AASG Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is presented to particularly deserving living retired or retiring State Geologists, Associates, and Honorary Members other than current officers who deserve to be recognized for the excellence of their efforts over the long term, in particular through AASG, and their pride in advancing our science and its application, in improving the work of State Geological Surveys, in improving dissemination of the knowledge we produce, in achieving effective coordination with partner agencies, and in promoting camaraderie among the membership of AASG.

Nominations Guidelines

Nominations in the form of a letter describing in some detail the contributions of the nominee may be submitted to the AASG Past President by the end of February each year, although the selection is primarily based on analysis by Executive and the Past President.

Selection Procedure

In March, AASG Executive will identify the recipients to be recognized that year, by assessing any nominations, and also by conferring and considering who in the AASG community is most deserving. Persons will then be asked to prepare citations, and recipients will be asked to prepare acceptances, which will be presented at the Annual Meeting, where the President will present a plaque to each recipient. Citations and acceptances will be submitted to the Journal.


2019     Rick Allis - UT
2019     Michael Hohn - WV
2019     Chacko John - LA
2019     Karl Muessig - NJ
2019     John Parrish - CA
2018     Derric L. Iles - SD
2016     Eric Potter - TX
2016    John Steinmetz - IN
2015    James M. Robertson - WI
2014    Peter A. Scholle - NM
2013    Jonathan G. Price - NV
2012    Donald A. Hull - OR
2012    Kenneth S. Johnson - OK
2011    John P. Bluemle - ND
2011    Haig F. Kasabach - NJ
2010    Emery T. Cleaves - MD
2010    John D. Kiefer - KY
2010    Ernest A. Mancini - AL
2009    Tom Berg - OH
2009    Jim Davis - CA
2009    Walt Schmidt - FL
2008    Jim Cobb
2008    Bob Fakundiny
2008    Larry Fellows
2008    Don Haney
2008    Morris Leighton
2008    Jim Williams
2007    William Fisher
2007    Robert Jordan
2007    Charles Mankin
2006    Earl Bennett
2006    Larry Woodfork
2005    Walter Anderson
2005    Steve Conrad
2005    Bud Henry
2004    Donald Hoskins
2004    Phillip LaMoreaux
2004    Jack Simon
2004    Arthur Socolow
2003    Allen Agnew
2003    Jon Groot