AGI Medal in Memory of Ian Campbell for Superlative Service to the Geosciences

The Medal is presented each year to a nationally recognized, living statesman with a distinguished record of significant achievements in science, education, and administration, in support of the profession of geology and its role in society.

The award is intended to inspire us all to similarly contribute to our science, our profession, and to the public. The Medal is presented at the GSA Awards Ceremony. A GSA Foundation fund is available to support Medal costs and recipient travel if necessary.

Additional information is available from AGI

Nominations Guidelines

AGI member societies can submit Campbell Medal nominations to AGI. An AASG Campbell Medal Subcommittee considers internal nominations during the month preceding the AGI submission date, and presents a single nomination from AASG.

Nomination materials consist of a description of the basis for the candidate's nomination, a 50-word citation, and summaries of the candidate's career, contributions to geoscience, and public service, additional comments, a vitae or brief biography of the candidate, and up to three 1-page letters of support.

Selection Procedure

Each year, AGI assembles a committee to select a recommended recipient for approval by the Member Society Council at its spring meeting. Candidates are considered for a period of 3 years, and nominators can re-nominate a candidate at a later time.


2019    Barbara H. Murphy
2018    Scott W. Tinker
2017    Russell G. Slayback
2016    Berry H. (Nick) Tew, Jr.
2015    Rodney C. Ewing
2014    James F. Davis
2013    Peter A. Scholle
2012    Gordon E. Brown Jr.
2011    Harrison H. Schmitt
2010    Vicki J. Cowart
2009    Jonathan G. Price
2008    Larry D. Woodfork
2007    Arthur A. Socolow
2006    Robert D. Hatcher, Jr.
2005    Samuel S. Adams
2004    Ernest A. Mancini
2003    Edward C. Roy, Jr. 
2002    Frank H. T. Rhodes
2001    Kenneth N. Weaver
2000    Luna B. Leopold
1999    Priscilla C. P. Grew
1998    Charles G. (Chip) Groat
1997    M. Gordon (Reds) Wolman
1996    Robert R. Jordan
1995    Gordon P. Eaton
1994    Dallas L. Peck
1993    Peter T. Flawn
1992    Donald C. Haney
1991    William L. Fisher
1990    Philip E. LaMoreaux
1989    Grover E. Murray
1988    John D. Haun
1987    Charles J. Mankin, Jr. 
1986    William B. Heroy, Jr. 
1985    Robert L. Heller
1984    Konrad B. Krauskopf
1983    Hollis D. Hedberg
1981    Richard H. Jahns