AASG Officers


The AASG Constitution defines the roles of the Officers and Executive as follows: the President calls meetings, presides at meetings, appoints committees, and names representatives; the President Elect serves on Executive, fills a Presidential vacancy unless unable, in which case the Constitution specifies who shall act as President, and organizes Liaison; the Past President serves on Executive, and chairs the Nominating Committee; the Vice President serves on Executive, and organizes conference displays; the Secretary serves on Executive, prepares minutes, and fulfils associated duties; the Treasurer serves on Executive, and handles funds; the non-voting Honorary Members’ Representative serves on Executive; the Editor is in charge of The State Geologists Journal and other publications; the Historian maintains AASG archives, and updates the History; the Statistician prepares an annual questionnaire covering activities, funds available, personnel, publications, projects, and other matters of general interest, and, on the basis of the questionnaire, prepares a comprehensive annual summary of the data for distribution to the membership; in addition, the Bylaws authorize appointment of Committees, which report at the Annual Meeting

Current Committee Members
Jerry Prewett, Associates Members' Representative
Kenneth B. Taylor, Editor
Bekki White, Former Participant
Dave Norman, Former Participant
Derric Iles, Former Participant
Harvey Thorleifson, Former Participant
Jay Parrish, Former Participant
Jerry Weisenfluh, Former Participant
Jim Cobb, Former Participant
Joe Gillman, Former Participant
John G. Parrish, Former Participant
Jonathan D. Arthur, Former Participant
L. Greer Price, Former Participant
Marjorie Gale, Former Participant
Michael E. Hohn, Former Participant
Rex Buchanan, Former Participant
Stephen (Steve) B. Mabee, Former Participant
Gale Blackmer, Historian
John C. Steinmetz, Honorary Members' Representative
David B. Spears, Past-President
Steve Masterman, President
Karen Berry, President-Elect
John Metesh, Secretary
Rick Allis, Statistician
Harvey Thorleifson, Treasurer
Richard Ortt, Vice President
Past Committee Members
Jerry Weisenfluh, Associates Members' Representative ( to )
Scott M. Ausbrooks, Associates Members' Representative ( to )
Rex Buchanan, Associates Members' Representative ( to )
Jonathan D. Arthur, Associates Members' Representative ( to )
Marjorie Gale, Editor ( to )
L. Greer Price, Editor ( to )
Rex Buchanan, Editor ( to )
David B. Spears, Editor ( to )
Michael E. Hohn, Editor ( to )
Karl Muessig, Editor ( to )
Stephen (Steve) B. Mabee, Historian ( to )
Michael Bograd, Historian ( to )
William M. Kelly, Historian ( to )
Jim Cobb, Historian ( to )
Jim Cobb, Honorary Members' Representative ( to )
Jay Parrish, Honorary Members' Representative ( to )
John C. Steinmetz, Honorary Members' Representative ( to )
Donald M Hoskins, Honorary Members' Representative ( to )
Thomas M. Berg, Honorary Members' Representative ( to )
Emery T Cleaves, Honorary Members' Representative ( to )
Donald C. Haney, Honorary Members' Representative ( to )
Joe Gillman, Past-President ( to )
Jonathan D. Arthur, Past-President ( to )
John G. Parrish, Past-President ( to )
Harvey Thorleifson, Past-President ( to )
Vicki McConnell, Past-President ( to )
Jim Cobb, Past-President ( to )
David R. Wunsch, Past-President ( to )
Nick (Berry) H. Tew, Past-President ( to )
Chacko J. John, Past-President ( to )
Scott W. Tinker, Past-President ( to )
David B. Spears, President ( to )
Joe Gillman, President ( to )
Jonathan D. Arthur, President ( to )
John G. Parrish, President ( to )
Harvey Thorleifson, President ( to )
Vicki McConnell, President ( to )
Jim Cobb, President ( to )
Nick (Berry) H. Tew, President ( to )
Chacko J. John, President ( to )
Scott W. Tinker, President ( to )
Steve Masterman, President-Elect ( to )
David B. Spears, President-Elect ( to )
Joe Gillman, President-Elect ( to )
Jonathan D. Arthur, President-Elect ( to )
John G. Parrish, President-Elect ( to )
Harvey Thorleifson, President-Elect ( to )
Vicki McConnell, President-Elect ( to )
Jim Cobb, President-Elect ( to )
David R. Wunsch, President-Elect ( to )
Nick (Berry) H. Tew, President-Elect ( to )
Rex Buchanan, Secretary ( to )
David B. Spears, Secretary ( to )
Joe Gillman, Secretary ( to )
Robert (Bob) F. Swenson, Secretary ( to )
Vicki McConnell, Secretary ( to )
Bekki White, Statistician ( to )
Dave Norman, Statistician ( to )
Rick Allis, Statistician ( to )
Robert (Bob) F. Swenson, Statistician ( to )
Harvey Thorleifson, Statistician ( to )
Derric Iles, Treasurer ( to )
Michael E. Hohn, Treasurer ( to )
Jonathan D. Arthur, Treasurer ( to )
Harvey Thorleifson, Treasurer ( to )
Vincent (Vince) Matthews, Treasurer ( to )
Karen Berry, Vice President ( to )
Steve Masterman, Vice President ( to )
David B. Spears, Vice President ( to )
Joe Gillman, Vice President ( to )
Jonathan D. Arthur, Vice President ( to )
Robert (Bob) F. Swenson, Vice President ( to )
Harvey Thorleifson, Vice President ( to )
Vicki McConnell, Vice President ( to )
Jim Cobb, Vice President ( to )
David R. Wunsch, Vice President ( to )