Central U.S. Earthquake Consortium State Geologists


The Association of CUSEC State Geologists was formed in 1992 to supply geologic information to the Central U.S. Earthquake Consortium that is supported by FEMA for the reduction of losses due to earthquakes. For more information go to: http://www.cusec.org/about-cusec/cusec-associations/cusec-state-geologists.html

Membership Rules

Each state geologist in the eight-state region is a member. A chair is elected from the eight members. The USGS is a member and helps coordinate and fund the group.

Parent Committees
Past Committee Members
Joe Gillman, Chair ( to )
Bekki White, Participant ( to )
Donald McKay, Participant ( to )
Jim Cobb, Participant ( to )
John C. Steinmetz, Participant ( to )
Michael Bograd, Participant ( to )
Nick (Berry) H. Tew, Participant ( to )
Ronald (Ron) P. Zurawski, Participant ( to )