Government Affairs and Liaison Meetings


Meet with representatives of federal agencies, Congressional Committees non-governmental organizations, trade association, and other geoscience related organizations twice each year (September and March) to discuss topics and issues of interest and concern to AASG and provide geological information as requested to assist in promoting and passing legislation relevant to the AASG.

Membership Rules

Members are appointed by the AASG President and Executive Committee Members serve ex officio. The President-elect will serve as Chair of the liaison committee. The Chair will be a sitting State Geologist, appointed by the AASG President. The chair may create subcommittees to act on specific tasks.

  • Develop agenda for Liaison
    • The Chair will work with the committee to determine which issues/topics need to be brought up and discussed at the various meetings held during the liaison week.
  • Consult with AASG members
    • The Committee members will consult with the general membership of AASG to determine issues/topics of concern to respective State Geological Surveys at least two months before the liaison meeting. The information gathered will be communicated to the Committee Chair at least one month before the meetings are scheduled.
  • Set Liaison roster
    • All the meetings will be scheduled by the chair, in consultation with the committee members as necessary. The chair will assign committee members and other state geologists attending liaison to lead discussions and take notes, which are to be relayed to the Chair for compiling into written reports as soon as possible after the meetings.
  • Compile, summarize and distribute notes and actions
    • Committee is responsible for timely distribution of Liaison results to all members.
  • Develop agenda for Liaison
    • Consider the proper mix of short, medium, and long-format meetings with key agencies to address issues of immediate and long-term importance to the AASG.
    • Focus on results and actions in meetings
  • Consult with AASG members
    • Focus on committee chairs and issues of importance to committees.
    • Seek broad input from members.
  • Set Liaison roster
    • Seek to place key attending members in appropriate meetings
  • Compile, summarize and distribute notes and actions
    • Increase the level of communication between the liaison committee and the full AASG membership concerning matters addressed at the liaison meetings.
    • Work with specific meeting leaders to provide the Committee Chair with meeting notes in a timely fashion to enable distribution of the liaison report to full AASG membership before the mid-year and annual meetings
Parent Committees
Past Committee Members
Jim Cobb, Chair ( to )
Chacko J. John, Chair ( to )
Charles J. Mankin, Participant ( to )
Earl H. Bennett, Participant ( to )
James M. Robertson, Participant ( to )
Jay Parrish, Participant ( to )
Jonathan G. Price, Participant ( to )
Kenneth B. Taylor, Participant ( to )
M. Lee Allison, Participant ( to )
Robert (Bob) F. Swenson, Participant ( to )
Rex Buchanan, Participant ( to )
Bekki White, Participant ( to )
Donald M Hoskins, Participant ( to )
Jim Cobb, Participant ( to )
Arthur A. Socolow, Participant ( to )
Jonathan D. Arthur, Participant ( to )