Honorary Members


The Honorary Members Chair, a State Geologist who is assisted by the Honorary Members representative to AASG Executive, ensures that qualified candidates are nominated to be AASG Honorary Members or Associates, facilitates the role that they play in AASG, updates nomination Guidelines, compiles news from Honoraries, updates contact information for Honoraries, and ensures timely awareness of deaths in the AASG community. All Honorary Members and Honorary Associates of AASG are members of the Committee. The Chair is appointed by the president, and the Honorary Member’s representative is selected by the Nominating Committee from at least two names provided by the Honorary Members Committee by one month prior to the annual meeting each year.

Current Committee Members
John C. Steinmetz, Chair
Robert G. Marvinney, Chair
Past Committee Members
Donald M Hoskins, Chair ( to )
Jonathan G. Price, Chair ( to )
Larry D. Fellows, Chair ( to )
Larry D. Fellows, Participant ( to )