Meetings and Conventions


The Vice President chairs the meetings committee, and coordinates AASG displays, including the NCSL booth, the MinExpo booth, and the GSA Booth. For the Annual Meeting, the President coordinates invitations, closed sessions, and banquet program; the Annual Meeting Host tends to meeting structure, social program, field trips, facilities, catering, budget, and reporting; while the VP coordinates open sessions and selection of future sites.

Current Committee Members
Joe Gillman, Annual Meeting Host
Karen Berry, Chair
David B. Spears, Former Participant
Jim Cobb, Former Participant
M. Lee Allison, Former Participant
Steve Masterman, Former Participant
Past Committee Members
Steve Masterman, Annual Meeting Host ( to )
M. Lee Allison, Annual Meeting Host ( to )
Jim Cobb, Annual Meeting Host ( to )
Derric Iles, Annual Meeting Host ( to )
David B. Spears, Chair ( to )
Harvey Thorleifson, Chair ( to )
Derric Iles, Participant ( to )
Karl Muessig, Participant ( to )
Rick Allis, Participant ( to )
Robert D. Libra, Participant ( to )
Scott W. Tinker, Participant ( to )
Jonathan D. Arthur, Participant ( to )