Senior Engineering Geologist (Supervisor)

State Geological Survey
California Geological Survey
Contact Name
Don Lindsay

The California Geological Survey is looking for a highly capable, self-motivated Senior Engineering Geologist (Supervisor) with experience in geomorphic interpretation, landslide hazards assessment, slope stability, fluvial geomorphology, and surface water hydrology, to develop and lead staff as part of the Burned Watershed Geohazards Program. This Senior Engineering Geologist will be responsible for the development and generation of pre-fire planning geologic and hydrologic models and maps, post-wildfire emergency assessment of geologic and hydrologic hazards, the installation and maintenance of post-fire monitoring equipment, and will provide technical assistance to local and state agencies regarding planning and mitigating post-wildfire geologic and hydrologic hazards.

Final Filing Date: 2/26/2024
Salary Range: $10,886.00 - $13,625.00 per Month
A Professional Geologist License is required.
Where to apply:
Contact: Don Lindsay: