Geologic field mapper

State Geological Survey
Maryland Geological Survey
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Richard Ortt

The Maryland Geological Survey has an opening for a  geologic field mapper who will be primarily responsible for bedrock and surficial geologic mapping, identifying geologic hazards, and leading the mineral program in the State Geological Survey.  This position is for an early to mid-career scientist who has a variety of field and office knowledge.  Some key responsibilities will be conducting field investigations, creating maps in GIS, lab analysis of rock samples, working with others, integrating new scientific methods with traditional field mapping, and geologic historical research.  The position will be statewide, but the current need is focused on the Piedmont and Coastal Plain.  The successful candidate will be able to work independently in mapping and field operations, have a firm understanding and use of GIS, understand the geology of Maryland, and be able to meet time and budget commitments.  The position will be in the Coastal and Environmental Geology section of the Maryland Geological Survey.  The position is located in Baltimore, Maryland with a work area throughout the State of Maryland.